case study

Lease Master

Renting made easy

The journey to getting a suitable place to rent in Accra and its environs has always been a challenge. From the popular 10% commission on the rent to the agent viewing fees, 2 years' rent in advance and not forgetting the many Uber/taxi trips that seem unending.

Let’s take out agents

Lease Master’s idea was to create a system that bypassed the agent. Thus eliminating the 10% commission, viewing fee and unnecessary taxi/Uber trips and payments. Lease Master wanted to create an app that allows tenants to connect directly with owners of properties they found interesting.

Renting Made Easy

As with every new idea, our first stop was defining the brand - the promise, target market, identity and services.

After an intensive three-day design sprint, we cracked the brand, figured out the user flows for the app and got a better understanding of Lease Master’s business.


taking out other middle-men

Further conversations and explorations of the brand’s attributes: welcoming, convenient, and secure gave life to a symbol that truly represents Lease Master’s promises. With the symbol, all the other elements of the brand come alive!


the idea

Our design sprints highlight the user journey through the app: what the most important information is and where it should live. Paying attention to detail, we pieced together icons, images and content to create a prototype of the final app before shipping it to our developers.

The engine

that connects

Weeks of work later, Lease Master is alive - in function and personality. Our initial efforts of planning, running the design sprint, building the brand, creating content all coming together beautifully into a responsive web app that works seamlessly on mobile and web.