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QodeHub builds apps/digital products that help you save time, money, and serve more people.

- Jeff Bezoz, Amazon

“Be stubborn on vision but flexible on details.”

The most important thing when building a digital product is the business logic or core idea: the problem you’re solving with your app. Without a properly defined core idea, your app will just be a can of code with no real use.


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People Think

• Having an app will make your business successful.
• Building an app is easy and cheap.
• The more features we have, the more customers will like it.
• You need to have an app because your competitors have one.

What is apps development?

It is a process of creating computer programs to perform tasks that a business requires. These apps could run either on the web or mobile.

Why should you get an app?

• Automate Workflows: work quicker, faster and more efficiently by abstracting some or all of your.   business processes with automation.

• Create a Seamless Customer Experience:
create friendly & customised interactions or services,   respond quicker, introduce new services, learn customer behaviour, etc.

• Introduce New Services:
build apps that carry the soul of your new product/service. Make it easily.   accessible to customers and manageable by your team.

• Perform Business Functions:
manage your business easily with apps performing specific business.   functions such as communication, marketing, recruiting/talent management, accounting etc.

How we do it here

Your app doesn’t just happen. It goes through a process to ensure the right problem is being solved with the right platform. Any app we build for you goes through these processes.

• Understand:
  Learn your business requirements, perform feasibility studies and define functional & non-functional.   requirements.

• Build & Deploy:
  We develop the apps for the relevant platforms and deploy them for testing

• Test & Maintain:
  After the app is ready, we test, debug and deploy. Followed by iterative maintenance, optimisation.   and incremental builds.

Allowing us to do it means

• You have experienced developers working on your project as opposed to one-man bands.
• Your app has the current and most advanced stacks.
• Apps are well thought out and mapped to business results.
• You get apps that are user-focused: easy to use, intuitive and beautifully designed.

What you can do with this info?

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Take steps to rectify business problems with apps if necessary ✅✅

Remain adamant about the importance of apps❌❌

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