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Connect with your audience through your stories

QodeHub crafts relatable, agile and digitally ready brands that appeal to your audience.

-Meg Whitman

“When people use your brand name as a verb, that is remarkable.

Your brand can become a verb customers use to describe the actions they take. Like “I’ll WhatsApp you” instead of “I’ll text you”. With the right setup, you can attain the same feat even though it’s not very easy.


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People Think

• I have a logo, so I have a brand.
• Brands are only for consumer products.
• We redid our logo and website, so we're done with branding!
• Only big companies can brand themselves.
• But are these true?

What is branding?

• Branding is a way of identifying yourself and clarifying how your offer makes you a better choice.   amongst competitors. It tells customers and stakeholders what to expect from you. 

• Your brand proceeds from who you are, who you want to be and who people perceive you to be. It.   should align to some extent with who your target customers want and need you to be. 

• Your brand strategy tackles your communication and delivery of your brand messages. The what, how,   when and where of your brand communication. 

For your business, this means...

• Branding gets you recognition
• A good brand increases your value
• Proper branding will help you generate new business
• Staying true to your brand helps create trust in the marketplace

How we do it here

Uncovering your brand is an ongoing process. It’s not a once and for all process, especially in a digital world. This is how we do branding here:

Brand Strategy

• Brand Discovery:
Uncover your brand’s promise, values, story, positioning and messaging.
• Marketplace/Competitor Research: Understand the landscape of your competitors and marketplace.

Brand Identity Design & Application

• Brand Identity Design: Design your logos, define colours, typography, and a guide to help you tell.   your story in the most consistent way possible.
• Identity Applications (stationery, marketing materials, etc): Business cards, letterheads, invoices, etc.   created from your brand identity 

Choosing us to do it means

• You choose detail and in-depth research for building your brand.
• You get a  specialised team with a focus on business results and customer connection.
• Getting a high level of quality than you’ll get with a one-man designer.

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