UI/UX Design

Save time & money with customer-focused designs

QodeHub helps you reduce costs via idea validation, customer experience & interface design.

-Brenda Laurel

“Design isn’t finished until someone is using it”

Today’s digital economy is driven by the customer’s needs and wants. To provide value for your customers, you need to give them what they want, when and how they want it.


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People Think

• User experience design is a one-time thing!
• Pretty design will hide your business flaws.
• Design should be driven by the business and not the customer.
• User interface design is all about looking pretty.

What then is UI/UX Design?

• UX is user experience: the end-user interaction with your business, products and services across all digital touchpoints. 

• UI is user interface design: the look and feel of your digital products which results in the visual perceptions about your product.

UI/UX Design goes hand in hand to solve the business & customers’ problems. By providing the best experiences and interfaces possible. 

It’s important for your business because

• Good UI/UX helps you get and keep customers.
• You lower support costs and increase productivity with top-notch UI/UX design.
• The development time for your precious apps reduces.
• Customer loyalty increases.

How we do it at QodeHub

• Design Sprint - Identify business goals, technical implementation, rapid prototyping and testing of ideas. 

• Personas & User Research - identify the target audience and their core needs

• Experience Maps, User Journeys and Flows - Anticipate, understand and design how potential users will interact with the app/website.

• UX Wireframes & Interactive Prototyping (Lo Fidelity) - Build the underlying structure and flow of your app or website. 

• Visual Design & Prototyping (High Fidelity) - Apply your brand and design language to build a UI that looks good and works great. 

Letting us do it for you mean

• You get a specialised and skilled team working on your app/website.
• Apps and website designs fit the best customer experience.
• You cut down on wasting human resources, time and money in building your product.
• Validate business concepts and ideas before committing to build fully-fledged products.

What you can do with this info?

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