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QodeHub builds custom websites that reflect your brand and business goals.

-Paul Bennett

“Design transcends agenda. It speaks to the politics of optimism.”

A website with terrible experience and design will not attract and convert visitors.  Whether you’re aware of it or not, how you communicate on your website reflects your brand!


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People Think

• You can save money by building your website yourself.
• Mobile optimisation isn’t necessary for all websites.
• Having a website alone means more traffic and revenue.
• The most important work is building the website, maintenance isn’t as vital.
• Every website needs a carousel or rotating banners.

So what’s web design about?

Web design is building, displaying and maintaining a website on the internet.  The process involves copywriting, optimisation and mobile responsiveness.

Why care about your website design?

• It saves you money on printing and distribution costs.
• It gives you easy access to new customers and helps you educate them.
• You get to expand your market and extend your reach in the local & global markets.
• You can get access to market and customer insights through your analytics.

Building websites at QodeHub

• Customer, Competitor & Industry Research: create user profiles for your business, identify current    industry & competitor trends and find a unique spot for you.

• Website Copy & Content Strategy: define the positioning of content, navigation, etc. and align the.    copy of each page with the goals established 

• Responsive Web Design/Development: build a custom business-specific website, replete with basic.    technical SEO implementations and mobile responsiveness.

• Testing, Launch & Maintenance: test website with users, launch and provide training for constant.    maintenance and updates.

Us designing your websites means...

• You get websites that are set up to meet business goals: sales, leads, etc.
• Your website advertises and communicates the right narratives 24/7.
• Customers can use your website on mobile without cringing.
• You get a website that speaks to your customer personas.

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